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SMOS Cal/Val

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Ausschnitt SMOS Antenne mit Erde
SMOS - ocean salinity
The SMOS mission is a remote sensing mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) in the frame of the opportunity missions of the Earth Explorer Program. The Launch date of the satellite was the 2nd November 2009. The Commission Phase ended May 2010. Since then SMOS provides data for the retrieving ocean sea surface salinity, soil moisture and the thickness of sea ice.
Oberflächensalzgehalt im Februar 2014, SMOS Datenprodukt von CEN, Uni Hamburg
SMOS Cal/Val
Now it is important to validate the SMOS salinity data with in situ data and to optimize the data products. For the present map, the salinity data were filtered, corrected on the basis of in situ data and monthly averaged to 100x100 km grids. (Data product published at the CEN Uni Hamburg). Missing data are due to high uncertainty in the data.
Physikalische Prozesse, die die Salzgehaltsveränderung erklären
Processes, changing the salinity in the surface mixed layer
The combination with in situ permits to identify the relevant processes changing the salinity in the sea surface mixed layer. The assimilation of the SMOS salinity data contributes to better simulate the state of the ocean.
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